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Lift Concept

All MarcoLift standard products like lift tables, scissots lifts, hydraulic lifts, car elevators, docking elevators and industrial lifts are manufactured with high quality components to enhance reliability, durability and safety in operation.
  1. A compact hydraulic power unit with transparent tank for easy oil level checking. The hydraulic unit is as standard provided with an overflow valve. Suction and return filters are built in the tank to minimise noise. The unit is IP65 with the motor IP55, splash and drip-proof.
  2. The square steel structure profile of the scissor arms gives superior lateral stability. Long bearings at all moving parts reduces bearing load; this, together with grease nipples for all pivot points and anodised pins, gives extended equipment life.
  3. Precision machined scissors arm pivot centres and machined profiled arms ensure smooth performance and geometrical motion accuracy.
  4. Aluminium profiled safety frame to reduce the risk of entrapment.
  5. Engine with protection class IP55.
  6. Cylinders are provided with cushioning to give bumpfree closing. Each cylinder is fitted with a hose burst valve to ensure immediate stop in the event of pipe or hose rupture.
  7. Double sheer rollers ensures perfect load balancing and eliminates transverse loads thus extending the poerational life. All rollers are anodised.
  8. Upper travel limit switch with easy adjustment of stroke.
  9. Safety props for service and maintenance work.
  10. Adjustable compensated flow control valve ensures constant lowering speed regardless of load.
  11. Quick-change anodised pivot pins and bushes provide easy servicing of the lift table equipment.
  12. CE-marked.

In addition, the standard equipment includes:

  • Electric components with protection class IP55
  • 24 V control voltage
  • Push-button box with 3 m cable
  • Constant pressure push button controls
  • Motor protection to prevent overheating
  • Lifting eye bolts/lugs for easy installation/transport
  • Service hatch on the platform for lift tables exceeding 3 ton capacity

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