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MarcoLift Loading Dock

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MarcoLift loading dock is used on loading docks for the unloading and loading of vehicles.

MarcoLift loading dock operates between the different levels of the vehicle and the loading dock.

It is designed for use in extremely difficult environmental and operational conditions and can also be provided for external use.

MarcoLift loading dock are designed and equipped to withstand environmental and load stresses which frequently occur as point loads when vehicles cross the lift table.

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The Standard MarcoLift loading dock has the following features:
• Lifting capacity up to 10000 kg
• Stroke 1600 mm – 2000 mm
• Platform size up to 3000 mm x 2400 mm

As standard the loading dock tables are equipped with following:
• Platform in chequer plate
• Oilfilled minus side of the cylinders
• Reinforced platform with more profiles
• Service access hatch in platform
• Adjustable bottom stops for greater stability in lowered position
• Lifting lugs
• Two component paint finish to 120 my thickness

Customised solutions to particular require-ments can be provided, and if required, specially designed lift tables supplied.

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