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MarcoLift Tilt Table

marco tilt table lifts

MarcoLift tilt MT is a lift table fitted with a tilt unit with 45° or 90° tilt angle. MarcoLift tilt MLU is a MarcoLift U-shaped low-profile model provided with a built-in tilt function with a 40° tilt angle.

The tilt function is mainly applied in work places where it is necessary to gain better access to the goods thus creating an ergonomically proper working facility. Typical application examples are the control function at incoming and outgoing goods delivery and as production working stations. The load can be carried by pallets, crates or boxes.

The power pack is usually sited separately from the lift table so as not to limit the tilt table operation.

MarcoLift tilt MT is a combination of lift table and separate tilt unit.

MarcoLift tilt MT has the same features of those of the chosen lifting table. The tilt unit has a height of 180 mm. Tilt angle 45° or 90°.

The tilt unit can also be delivered, without the lift table, as separate units.

marco lift tilt table

marco lift tilt